How I Make Money Mining Bitcoin While Surfing Web Using Crypto Tab Browser

What is Crypto Tab Mining Browser? Crypto tab as its name suggests is browser which is very similar to google chrome. But this browser is advantageous because you earn bitcoins while going about your usual online activities. You just download and install the crypto tab browser in your computer, laptop or phone

once installed; you just surf the web just as use other browsers while it is mining you bitcoin from background.

Why I have been using Crypto Tab

I have been using Crypto Tab Mining Browser for the last one year or so. At first; I did not think that it is even worth it. But I just thought; It wont cost me any investment except a few pennies a month for my electricity bill. So, I downloaded and installed it on my laptop and now I am glad that I did it as you can see below I have been able to recruit more than five hundred referrals. You can wonder how did I manage to get more than five hundred referrals? Well; you can use the power of social media marketing, this is where I got most of my referrals. Using your social account like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin can get you referrals. Also you can post on forums but you should not spam. Another way you can get referrals is using some of the traffic exchange programs which are know to generate real traffic for your link such one is Easy Hits 4 U

. You may also use paid advertising

How Did I Manage to Mine Bitcoin Using Crypto Tab Browser in My Early Stages?

I managed this by just using crypto tab browser to surf the web. When am away I could leave my laptop and browser open day and night.

How Do They Pay Per Referral?

As you can see below crypto tab use ten levels referral program to earn you bitcoin.

How Much Can You Earn From Crypto Tab Browser

You can see from their simple calculator the potential of earning money from your referral list. For example if you manage to recruit five referrals; then the potential of earning up to level ten of your referrals is $24,414 a month.

Some people may think that this is a pyramid or a ponzi scheme; according to my experience, it is either of these. A ponzi you have to invest money and you end up losing part

ial or all of it. In crypto tab you do not need to invest any money to get started earning money. All you have to do is, have a computer, laptop or a smartphone

, download and install crypto tab browser in your device and you are ready to go.

Download Crypto Tab Browser